beyond the wizards sleeve vs. clash music magazine

Mentioned a little earlier, we return back to beyond the wizards sleeve for duo Richard and Errol where invited in to the Clash sound kitchen recently for tea n’ chat on the understanding that they bring along a record bag comprising of psych selections they’d gathered over the years. So sit back a spell as the Wizardy ones take you by the hand for a strange and pleasant walk amongst the kaleidoscopic backwaters to partake in an eccentric out-there head phonic mind trip that includes oft overlooked aural accounts by the likes of Skip Spence, Lee Hazlewood, Bill Holt’s ‘dreamies’ which I must admit had us adoring of its knack for falling in and out of consciousness and Fifty Foot Hose’s frankly bad tripping psychorama mamma ‘cauldron’ here in all its undiluted feral freakiness.

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