lia pamina

Well I’ll be honest in saying, I wasn’t quite expecting this when an email popped up in the in box fanfaring new groove from the esteemed elefant records. Lush, dreamy, pristinely pastoral and utterly romantically spell binding, this is a taster from a forthcoming set entitled ‘love is enough’ by Lia Pamina called ‘walking away’. As the press releaae rightly points out, ‘walking away’ dreams its way through a prettified path daintily seasoned in French chanson bouquets, this beautifully frail and fragile shyly arresting love charm swoons and seduces all the time dinked and dimpled to the soothing caress of hushed harpsichords and cooing woodcrafted florals, by our reckoning this might just prove to be an outing every bit as special, enchanting and magically crafted as that hitherto legendary debut from Ana D all those years ago.


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