Sometimes a track comes along, it’s a rare event, that immediately puts you on the back foot, you like it but you can’t put your finger on exactly why, you imagine you hear its sonic references yet closer listens throw up nothing that’s considered defined and certain. Of course both Knife and mum are the guiding lights to this beautifully cosmic drone dream from Solilians – and yet then they are not. A description by their press folk as an imagining of ‘Stereolab slowed down to the Stars of the Lid’ only serves to add to the fracturing sonic alchemy that these tripping space cadets manage to both creatively confuse and caress. Ripped from a forthcoming full length for goodbye better records entitled ‘shin’, this is ‘hine ma tov’ – a playfully crooked minimalist murmur, a fog bound mysterio, a hymnal siren call visitation emerging from some would be Icelandic magic land draped dreamily in trip hopped mystic vibes that adore all in a transcendental calm, all at once wayward, way out and wonderfully woozy.  


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