the kitchen sink drama

talking of the bordellos, Brian Bordello has been a tad raving about this, a good an’ all as ever, this briefly comes from the kitchen sink drama with er – ‘kitchen sink drama’ taken from a new – quite possibly – debut full length entitled ‘every good boy deserves failures’ as opposed to fudge I guess (a little Mudhoney gag there for you at no extra charge) or favour as I’m cautiously reminded by a moody blues fan – any more takers – hurry because we’re running out of review space. Anyway from what we’ve heard thus far it’s all tastily Belly-esque not least ‘Axelle’ – but back to ‘kitchen sink drama’ think Melys doing heart wounded miniature epics in the style of Rialto / the brand violets with St Ettienne prowling around at the mixing desks.


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