the hare and the moon ft. Alaska

first of two the hare and the moon tracks set to feature here, the other will be sitting up waiting for your attentive ear a little later this morning. This one featuring Alaska comes prised from a new set from the folk over at a year in the country, their last audiological report for the year in fact entitled ‘the forest / the Wald’, this being track eight, ‘a whisper in the woods’. Ghosted in eerie enchantment, this twilight siren call is cut like a creeping tricking or treating apparition, like some mysterious chill from a descending fog drifting silently across the land, amid its spectral vapours a fracturing floral posy sighed beautifully by a lightly toned folk nursery rhymed jig is moored forevermore trapped within its glooming prison damned for eternity to sing its warning song whilst walking its haunting twilight patrol.  

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