the bordellos

Little bit of an exclusive, well it is for us as we’ve got the clips. This un is one of a quartet of tracks due to get aired tonight at 10pm GMT on Tudno FM 107.8 – – when the Bordellos drop by for a rare session appearance. We’ll have the other three tracks reviewed here tomorrow but for now we’ve been more than a tad smitten by a killer acoustic version of ‘starshaped radio’ a full band version of which we mentioned way back last year – here in fact whereupon it was called ‘’starcrossed radio’ – getting very confusing, here in its intimate setting, ‘starshaped radio’ radiates to the nostalgic glow of sparkling and warming transistor valves, a walk back through the static crackles and the frequency hiss of an radio age lost to digital and pocket music mediums, for many our first connection to music, a masterclass in songcraft, a poetic homage with its dial set to mournful heartbreak.

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