The festive season approaching, it must be time for the annual event of the Yello6 vaults being prised open and their contents set forth upon the shiny grooves of limited pressings of CD’s. As with the Fruits de Mer end of year subscribers’ releases, the Merry6mas outings have been an essential part of yuletide listening for some 20 years now. A gathering of exclusive recordings culled from abandoned projects, alternative takes and recues, live performances and sometime rare peaks into future sketchings, they have provided an insider view of the creative process, a visit to the wizard’s den so to speak, of one of the finest purveyors and craftsmen of emotional expression and the phrasing of moments frosted as sonic photographs. Herewith a brief tasting of the pickings within, the bruising arc light that is ‘dry’, 12 minutes of dream drifting symphonia, this mellowed slice of melancholia comes slow burned in an unfurling magneticim whose positioning of poise, space and texturing is delicately coloured and intricately gracefallen in reverberating ripples of cinematically toned airless vapour trailing choreography. Blissfully beautiful. Nuff said.

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