planet caravan

Marking 10 years in existence, your psych tunes celebrate the fact with the release of a head tripping free to download 17 track compilation entitled ‘planet caravan’. Much to our embarrassment all the featured dudes here are previously unknown to us except of course for the luck of eden hall who stump up ‘another high speed blowout’, a tripadelic slab of head frying kaleidoscopic cosmosis which within its five minute visitation manages to terraform, blur and dissolve the lines between straight ahead vintage 70’s stoner prog struts, milky way motoriks, lysergic fracturing and astral planning hallucinogenia into a cranial expanding combustive dream pool. If memory serves me right, then the Eden folk, or at one or two of their number feature in the Red Plastic Buddha whose ‘little white pills’ navigates a melodically astute space pop detailing of a mid career variant of the Church. Rummaging through the playlist, we’ve happily spotted the quite superb Os Noctàmbulos – didn’t they have a set fondly acclaimed here via bad afro, anyway found here serving up the uber cooled key drenched 60’s garage beat grooved ‘jordi taught me’ – a  bit of a gem that stalks around in shades across a sonic landscape populated by the Troggs and the Fuzztones. Elsewhere the Shivas somewhat rebrand the Surfaris ‘wipe out’ as ‘whiteout’ and in to the bargain give it a Dick Dale dragster turbo fuelled upgrade. All said we here must admit to being a mite taken by both Kim and the Cinders’ ‘kiss my apocalypse’ and Mike Brown’s ‘tambourine’ – the former a crystalline mystic homely hued in mountain psych blues mosaics atmospherically storm calling out campfire mantras with the latter culturing a trippy road blues hymnal whose ghostly murmuring sits somewhere between the Simple Kid and those early career outings by the Animal Collective.


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