stuff we missed…….

Stuff we’ve missed…..

I could kick myself silly for having missed this, it seems it reared its swamp dragged decadent head early last year, just sounds so fucked up yet simultaneously so to die for cool, it’s by the LA Witches and goes by the name ‘drive your car’

…and another we appear to have missed from around the same time, what happened were we asleep or something, this is the smoking cool sounds of Fall Seattle with ‘wanda johnson’ culled from their self-titled debut full length through faux discs

more from last year, what the  hell is going on, were we holidaying last February or something, this is frankly the danders, okay I’ll admit there are Mascis-esque vibes happening through the grooves but then since when was that a bad thing…..oh and this is whistlejacket and a cut called ‘duck soup’

safe to say we are rummaging the net for the latest offerings from these three…….

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