maddeningly lovely and quite frankly faultless, we’ve had to nail our trotters to the floor to stop them tapping and sew up our lips and mouth to stop the widening smile, adorably affectionate this is a track from TEA’s lost full length ‘everybody’s happy sometimes’ – which if I recall rightly made something of a very limited appearance on the much missed Best Kept Secret cassette imprint in the early 00’s where it was bolstered by a side of – if I recall rightly – out-takes and demos….alas we’re desperately rummaging through the boxes upon boxes of cassettes trying to locate it, so far without much success. Anyhow this is shortly due for a wax press and cd issue along with all the usual digital gubbins, we suggest you get your lugs around the fuzzy buzzy loveliness of ‘token up song’ – a glorious radiant slice of fizzing electro effervescent west coast cuteness seemingly relocated to some lunar outpost cooing pop perfected kosmich kool pulsars which unless our ears do deceive sound quite like an early career Swimmer One in an orbital tryst with a very youthful Earlies. http://aturntablefriendrecords.limitedrun.com/products/586250-tea-everybody-s-happy-sometimes

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