One for those much loving and indeed fondly missing the kind of grooves tripped out by the likes of the frank wobbly and sons and tigerbeat imprint along with current weird ear dudes Bearsuit, this is ‘Toilet Abstraction Tapes’ – a limited cassette release by Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 via the business casual sound house, a release that isn’t in the least the slightly disconcerting listening experience that its title might initial convey, still i’m not saying it won’t drive you to demented distraction. Blessed with a track simply called ‘Kenny Loggins type beat’, there’s more than a whiff of mischief about this this skittering sonic collage whereupon distantly familiar samples are cut, spliced, speed manipulated and wired, compressed and corroded into a wonderfully crooked sound palette that buzzes, darts and hiccups to a trip toned fusion of Balearic braids, 8 bit waywardness and high wiring wonkiness. Our favourite moment of the set all said, is the mutant oriental sprays that quirkily invade the wig flipped lullaby mash up that is the puzzling tongue twisted named ‘Queenwish Opistognathus Rosenblatti (Ft. Galen Tipton)’ very Whizz Kid, though that said ‘Nvklrfbrtnmwye6 (Be Back Soon)’ is no slouch in the affection stakes despite the fact that it borders on the barking.


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