Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…Transmission 15.0

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 15.0….w/e 15/4/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

This edition features……

Simple kid, dicepeople, the corrupting sea, bruce Russell, the bordellos, wozniak, wolf solent, is bliss, second still, plume of feathers, the bachelor pad, the wee cherubs, the sweetest ache, corn dollies, the Chrysanthemums, 93millionmilesfromthesun, Laetitia sadier, atlas sound, rob Clarke and the wooltones, robyn Hitchcock, flowers must die, goldfrapp, melodiem, xam duo, the au fait, panabrite, laurie shaw, cubaser, age coin, black nite crash, the sacred garden, bloom waves, the blog that celebrates itself, dean mcphee, swabuckthorn, iggy pop, flexi discs, the spires of Oxford, the members, the paragons, billy nicholls, bit’a sweet, they might be giants, cotton wolf, denny zeitlin, der plan, mika vainio…..

Tripped over this on the latest Neotropic radio show – see last missive for more info – this is ‘Robot Lion and Grey Ghost’ by Simple Kid someone who we ought to feature more often – alas no release information on this, but let’s just say this hits the spot perfectly coming soothingly bathed in a chamber psych mistiness that’s spirited away in an alluring colouring of spectral rustics that had us much recalling the honey toned murmurs of that debuting Oddfellows Casino full length from a few years ago.

Again something else we sneaked of the recent Neotropic radio broadcast, this is the previously fondly mentioned ‘synthetic’ by Dicepeople – in short a deliciously retro chill toned future gazing synth wave lovely that manages to join the invisible dots between Client, Salon Boris and the White Rose Movement, something which in all honesty ought to appeal to those of you well versed in the sounds of the Weird imprint….

It won’t come as a surprise to regular visitors to these pages when we say we’ve something of a fondness for the Corrupting Sea since being turned on to their sounds by way of a well-heeled recommendation by Mr Atwood / Yellow6. The Corrupting Sea, are not so much a band, but a one-man force of sonic nature by the name Jason Lamoreaux who in short creates what can only be rightly described as caressing cathedrals of sound that swell with arcing turbulence and shimmer with ethereal emotional bliss. No doubt schooled in the way of a late 80’s New Zealand sound scene with a primary thing for a certain Roy Montgomery, imagine if you will all those classic early career releases from the Kranky stable condensed down into miniature panoramic suites and you are hitting in a near ball park. Anyhow a welcomed message from Mr Lamoreaux / the Corrupting Sea sharing an as yet untitled / unreleased track which frustratingly we can’t share with you at this moment, safe to say though that it hits all the buttons, at once statuesque, poised and bitter sweetly grace fallen, its opining bruised slo-core solemn state arcing and echoing to an ancient tongue as though a corralling of the very elements of nature formed out of a blissfully deadening calm before a storm.  

Talking of the legendary New Zealand sound scene of the late 80’s, here’s a wee documentary about one of the leading players of the scene Bruce Russell made by his daughter Olive called ‘27 minutes with Mr. Noisy – a documentary about Bruce Russell’

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/73436706″>27 minutes with Mr. Noisy- a documentary about Bruce Russell</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/oliverussell”>Olive Russell</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Another generous side serving of free to download archive finds from the Bordellos, volume 6 as it happens of the ongoing ‘underground tapes’ series. As previously, a smattering of alternative cuts, radio sessions and forgotten demo takes make up this 4 track curio, perhaps their most distressed and wayward selection to date, the keynote track here being the WA12 radio session version of ‘fruitcakes and furry collors’ which i must say starts out with a nod to Radiohead’s ‘all i need’ before recalibrating its reference radar to the skewiff and docile electro freakery of Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus somewhere in between going oddly off road and off radar in an acutely wired and wayward way. Fall fans however will do well to jump start their stylus to the happening sound of ‘Arthur Lowe’ where matters get very down beat-y funky in a Clinic doing Beefheart way. Elsewhere Persian Claws’ Dee Claw is hauled in for duet duties on the somewhat bruising lo-fi Sarah records sound-a-like ‘pretty rich girl’ while ‘king of the bedroom’ originally found appearing on their split ‘Kassette’ outing with Schizo Fun Addict, sounds evermore like an out of it, risky and seedy skiffle sounding Lonnie Donegan doing 10 Benson. https://bordellos.bandcamp.com/  

Think i’m right in saying that thus far, we haven’t had the pleasure of Wozniak alluring our ear space, yet allure they do with the onset of a debuting full length ‘courage reels’ about to surface any day soon from off which, sent ahead on scouting detail, ‘shader’ has been made available on their pre-release teaser bandcamp window. Located on a sonic trajectory between the shoegazed turbulence of the Storm Society and the post rock majesty of the Workhouse, the brightly burnt intensity of ‘shader’ swallow dives between moments of smoulder toned bliss ricochets and grizzled deep stoner psych growls, the resulting effect an immense freewheeling floorshow of crystalline corteges spraying ripples of radiance that dissipate to dissolve in molten stratospheric raptures.  https://wozniak.bandcamp.com/album/courage-reels  

Just what the good doctor ordered, heading out of the much-admired Club AC30 imprint shortly, new happening groove from Is Bliss is afoot with a new EP entitled ‘the honeycomb explosion’ due for record store swooning mid-May time. From that set, ‘into a dream’ has been pulled no doubt with intention of causing fainting attacks amid the shade adorned folk across the dream pop cognoscenti. Sounding not unlike something drop kicked from a finger on the pulse early 90’s era Wilde Club meets Ultimate love in, this babe comes bathed in the sun fried toned of a jangly 60’s shimmering, what first might pass for the subtle psych detailing of lost Clock Strikes 13 vibes soon finds itself woozily warped and wired in hazy haloes of trip dried swirls of lysergic swagger which to these ears sounds like the missing link separating the Hookworms and the Lucid Dream. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/is-bliss-into-a-dream  

Wed 12th BRIGHTON Hope & Ruin

Sun 16th BRISTOL Crofters Rights (Bristol Psych Festival)

Sat 22nd SOUTHSEA Record Store Day


Wed 17th LONDON The Islington w/Flying Colours

Thur 18th LEICESTER The Cookie w/Flying Colours

Sat 20th BRIGHTON Acid Box, Great Escape Festival w/Flying Colours

Not sure whose putting this out and alas no info on these folk, but let’s be honest this is quite superb, by Second Still this is ‘strangers’ – something I’m prone to say that sounds like it’s been thawed from the early 80’s, of course there’s that Cocteau-ian and 4AD classicism smudging its ice cooled grooves, not to mention something ghosted in the retro toning of those much prized platters put out by the Weird imprint yet for us this comes in the purred in the shadowy spectral majesty that once upon time graced those much missed turntable visitations by Ex Post Facto. https://soundcloud.com/secondstill/strangers  

update – we’ve dug around a little and found this…. https://secondstill.bandcamp.com/track/strangers  

and this……


…..with that we are now rifling through the albums for our copy of ‘garlands’ – adoring missives are being cobbled as you read……

Again absolutely no info on this, but admit it, its laying tiny ear worm eggs by the basket load isn’t it. This is heading out of Sea records who I must admit we did fear had gone the way of all great labels given that once upon a time they used to send promos – remember Mugstar, then didn’t and then went off radar as far as we can tell, until that is now. Anyway spotted this on one of those accidentally tripped over this moments, by Wolf Solent this is ‘red moon’ – from a recently released EP entitled ‘IV’ – it has to be said one of those sly things that sneaks past your unguarded defences in a most casual without so much as a by your leave type way somewhat waving from some far flung tropical hidey hole, wonderfully mellow, a slice of sumptuously lazy eyed sun stroked seafaring dream drift which unless our ears are seriously playing up, had us much minded to dig out Mercury Rev’s debuting platter.

Getting a tad daft now, but here’s another we stumbled over, indeed one day we might actually get time to check the emails and records we get sent. Now is just me or does this have the delightfully dinked wistfulness of say Another Sunny Day or something heading out of a classic mid 80’s era Kitchenware sound house, anyhow from the twinned capitals of pop Bristol and Glasgow this is plume of feathers with the ridiculously addictive and attractively adoring ‘one year on’ – very ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian and something you could well imagine being played till he’d worn the grooves clean through by the much missed Mr Peel were he still here…… https://soundcloud.com/lonely-tourist/one-year-on-plume-of-feathers  

Interlude……80’s / 90’s buzz pop…….the bachelor pad, the wee cherubs, the sweetest ache, corn dollies, the Chrysanthemums…..

One of the finest things to have ever graced vinyl grooves…..still sends a shiver…..

Hugely criminally overlooked……


93millionmilesfromthesun….what’s not to love about this, remastered and reworked re-visioning of a track that first appeared on their debuting full length ten years ago – this is ‘yesterday morning’ – https://soundcloud.com/93mmfts/yesterday-morning  

Another one we missed from way back years ago, here’s Laetitia Sadier guesting with Atlas Sound……

Ah the much-admired Rob Clarke and the Wooltones, new happening thing just dropping entitled ‘jump in my igloo’ provides proof indeed that the lasting legacy left upon the Mersey delta sound scene by the likes of the Stairs and the Coral is very much alive and omni-present. Sounding as though its fell out of a behind the scenes Hunter Davies penned hipster 60’s film set boutique / wardrobe , bedazzled and boogified in a sharp suited n’ booted vintage, this hippy chic shimmer tone buzzes brightly weaving a hip hugging dashing cool that hints of some Spencer Davis Group / Traffic love in whilst primed aplenty in oodles of beat groovy smarts, in short a woozy wiggle-tastic way back machine shoehorned into two minutes and twenty six seconds of turntable flipping tastiness. Over on the flip, what’s becoming the trademark instrumental re-tilting of the lead out track here reimagined as ‘shilling for the gas’ and into the bargain given something of a trip-a-delic Middle Eastern magic carpet refit replete with reverse loops, lysergic riffage and a healthy side serving of freakbeat-ness, does it for us.  https://robclarkeandthewooltones.bandcamp.com/album/jump-in-my-igloo-single   

Admittedly we don’t usually do this, but beneath this introductory announcement for Mr Hitchcock’s newly peeled video for ‘Raymond and the Wires’, we’ve ripped in full Robyn’s own thoughts and commentary about the track and how the video came to be, straight from the heart of the press release. Of course descriptions such as genius and mercurial are so often bandied about that they lose their context and worth, yet Mr Hitchcock is one of a select few musical craftsmen who truly deserves those tags. A self-titled full length is about to emerge through yep roc shortly, perhaps his finest in recent memory, from it ‘Raymond and the Wires’ with idle grace breathes a wonderful wistfulness that dips between nostalgic reflection and a deeply personal introspection, at once intimate and revealing, the years peel away as a present day Hitchcock speaks to his younger self and traces back through the lineage of life, in essence a homage to his father Raymond, daintily daubed in a flowery English psych eccentricity drizzled and woozy to the blurring rub of a kaleidoscopic framing.

Over to Robyn himself……

“This video is a collage of years and Hitchcocks, assembled by Jeremy Dylan from archive trolleybus footage; from my family’s home movies; and from film he shot of me recently,” says Hitchcock. “I’m singing the song on a tram in Melbourne, Australia about a trolleybus ride I took with my late father Raymond in Reading, England in 1964. In these clips Raymond, resplendent in early 1970s porno moustache, is younger than the present-day me is now. My current self is also in there perving over some beautiful vintage trams in San Francisco. There’s a glimpse of 13- year-old me stepping out of a boat to greet my sister Fleur, who now in later life is an author and incidentally supplied Jeremy with the old family film. And 39-year-old me peers for a second from a weeping elm tree at Raymond’s wake in 1992. His favourite folk band, the Yetties from the West of England, gave us all a free show – what a night! Raymond liked a nice tune. This would probably have embarrassed him, given what a distant English family we were. But his spirit loves acknowledgement, I like to think: and I’m sure he lives through me as fully as any ghost. On ya, dad!”

Must admit we here are quite smitten and fancying the latest Goldrapp album ‘silver eye’, just for the hell of it here’s another track from it that we happened to find lurking on that there you tube, this is the slow smoulder of ‘systemagic’ – a wonderfully chilled toned future-teque re-alignment of an as were seduction settings on maximum Curve tuned into the floor prowling sultriness of old school Moroder / Summer.

The influence of Ms Summer also comes to pass with acute subtle intent on the latest from Flowers Must Die. From their forthcoming ‘kompost’ set for rocket recordings, this is ‘don’t you leave me now’ – sure to catch the eye and ear of the club land cognoscenti, it’s a cut found weaving in and out of bliss toning states of consciousness submerged in a narcotic wooziness, the Moroder-esque pulsars purring with a cosmically aligned lysergic trippiness atop soulful implores and the slow euphoric dissolve of out there mind mushrooming oblivion.

Tour dates include a set at Supersonic Festival with fellow Rocketeers Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, KURO and Gnod:

25 April / The Prince Albert / Brighton

26 April / The Shacklewell Arms / London

27 April / The Full Moon / Cardiff

28 April / The Cube / Bristol

18 June / Supersonic Festival / Birmingham  

A very, very special release, a three-way collaboration between Polytechnic Youth, Horror Pop Sounds and Norman records, the latter of whom found themselves, despite sterling services since its inception in the promotion of Record Store Day, unceremoniously excluded from the 10th anniversary celebrations by the powers that be. As a mark of respect and indeed defiance at such exclusion, both labels gathered to right the wrong offering this bastion of independent record retailing a chance to celebrate the occasion with their own unique Record Store Day release. Limited to just 100 clear lathe pressed 7 inch copies each wrapped inside a fold out poster sleeve, this sure to be highly sought after outing pairs together the talents of XAM Duo and the mysterious Au Fait.

XAM Duo of course need no introductions, members of Hookworms and Deadwall colliding and colluding in kosmiche bliss, sets for both Sonic Cathedral and Deep Distance have solidified a formidable reputation on the kosmiche / ambient arc. Described by the label as ‘straight out of Dusseldorf circa 82 with a hypnotic ping pong rhythm’, ‘Tisch Tennis’ offers a sneak peak of a future Horror Pop Sounds happening, you know the deal by now, following in the footsteps of limited cassette issues by the Assistant and Art of the Memory Palace, XAM Duo curate a nostalgic soundtrack for a cold war 80’s thriller centred around an East German table tennis team. Sounding like some vault disturbed find dusted down and polished up by those Bureau B folks, in truth taking its cue from a playfully impish Kreidler, ‘tisch tennis’ with its flippantly funky micro-chip chatters and binary bops comes bathed in a delightfully fond computer silver age vintage, its sights surveying future worlds to come as it seamlessly fuses the circuitry calibrations of Kraftwerk’s ‘computer world’ upon the luxuriant synthetic symphonic Europa chic chassis of  ‘Tour de France’. https://soundcloud.com/karennovotnyx/tisch-tennis-xam-duo/s-nQMz7  

Described by the label as imagining ‘Serge Gainsbourg fronting Cluster’, Au Fait occupy the flip side – or more precisely the Polytechnic Youth side of this split release with ‘Lutteur Francais’ (‘French Wrestler’), absolutely no information on this French duo, admittedly it’s a track that takes a wee second or three to emerge from its monochrome analogue fog with initial moments clearly revealing a sound well versed and shrouded in the artistry and craft of an early 70’s German electronic schooling whilst purred with elements of Broadcast and a typified cold war sparseness. Yet scratch away at the minimal murmurs and an alluring cosmic configuration blossoms of such starry swirled pop cool as to imagine the somewhat chilled reserve of Add N to X sumptuously freefalling into the lulling lunar air space of fellow Polytechnic Youth-ers Tomorrow Syndicate. https://soundcloud.com/karennovotnyx/french-wrestler-by-the-au-fait  

The release goes live for ordering on Wednesday 19th April at 1pm wherein Norman Records will proudly celebrate their own ‘alternative’ Record Store Day.


A lilting slice of kosmiche bliss that we happened across on an early morning ramble around sound cloud space, this is, from what we can gather,  Melodienuk – perhaps more rightly Melodien we aren’t sure, what we can say though with a degree of certainty is that this track is called ‘BRASSAÏ’ and is described by its author as something hatched through ‘playing around with a Korg Minilogue and a Watkins Copicat’ – well if this is just playing around we’d love to hear what happens when things get a little on the more serious side for this sounds like a lost echo from the late 70’s oozed in the kind of dissipating swathes of minimalist symphonia that once tick the listening boxes of sounds of the day emanating from the bunkers of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jarre with an obvious passing nod to current day cold war sonic purveyors Concretism and Pye Corner Audio. https://soundcloud.com/melodien-uk/brassai  

Something else we tripped over whilst listening to the previous track by Melodien, this is the rather superb ‘untitled 1’ by Panabrite better known, we believe, to kith n’ kin as Norm Chambers, just love the way this touches so many bases, for emerging from a sonic ice forest the syncopating thaw of bowed shimmers, choral caresses, ethnic tongues, nature awakenings and ambient murmurs all join in a deeply mesmeric and fluently expressive conversational union, utterly disarming.  https://soundcloud.com/panabrite/untitled1  

Described as a ‘melting of Modern Lovers, Soft Boys and Wire’ vibes, couldn’t put it better ourselves, this is the scuzzy and frayed head fryer ‘juice’ by Laurie Shaw, been out a while i’m embarrassed to say through the Sunstone imprint, quite frankly two minutes of rip it up rabid rock-a-hula that once upon a long time ago you’d have rightly expected to have the blessing of the mighty Estrus imprint tattooed on its back side, think Mono Men meets the Jim Jones Revue and then some more. https://soundcloud.com/sunstone-records-uk/1-juice-wav  

okay i promise i’m leaving sound cloud right now before we get bogged down with more finds, but before we do a quick mention for this only for the fact that the original of this still tugs the earlobes especially the German version ‘Herr X’, anyhow this is Cubaser with a fairly faithful version of ‘Mr X’ by Ultravox which i recall rightly found Mr Cann commandeering the vocal spot…. https://soundcloud.com/cubaser/mr-x


Wondering if it was this particular track that sowed a tiny sonic seed in the heads of XAM Duo when recording their side of that ultra limited ‘not’ RSD17 release through Norman / Polytechnic Youth / Horror Pop Sounds…..is it just me or does it sound like folk playing squash. Just me then eh……https://soundcloud.com/alterstock/age-coin-perceptions-ii-alt13

The vinyl debate continues…… https://everyrecordtellsastory.com/2017/04/14/should-you-buy-nineties-vinyl/  

Coincidentally enough, I was only listening to the Mondays’ ‘wrote for luck’ just this very morning, always had a soft spot for it and hadn’t heard it for years, why not. With that in mind it was the track my gaze rested upon on listening to a new compilation put out by the blog that celebrates itself, this time their sphere of curiosity turns towards the ‘Madchester’ era or baggy scene as I seem to recall it mutating into, which I guess accounts for the high incidence of Soup Dragons covers – okay just two and a little cover of a Primal Scream big hitter. ‘rave on, a Madchester celebration’ features a twenty strong cast of underground names paying homage to the pre-igniting Brit pop scene that would shuffle along a few years later, it was where indie land took to the club floors spearheaded in the main by the success of the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays both here represented with the Roses winning the local derby 6-1. Anyway as ever, kiss of death spoiler, we will be revisiting this as soon as in the coming days, for now a quick mention for black nite crash whose cover of the aforementioned ‘wfl’ is so spiffing that you might need a crow bar to separate it from the original though with this particular mix buried in a hazy kaleidoscopic swirls, for a moment there, we were back with our younger self and our beloved eye blurring fringe. Next up one of the finest from the Squire / Brown et al canon, ‘i wanna be adored’ just smoked aloof cool with a knowing swagger, here retrimmed by the Sacred Garden, after that is several toots of a passed around peace pipe, into a wig flipped slab of hazy wooziness both fractured and fried and somewhat flying to its own spaced out oblivion, in truth just between you and me sounds like an out of it and clearly stoned Bardo Pond but don’t tell the others. Those of you much smitten and missing of the wasted dayglow bliss pop of The Pooh Sticks might do well to check out Bloom Waves’ rephrasing of Soup Dragons ‘soft as your face’ – all wonderfully wayward and devilishly disorientating lo-fi loveliness scalped in wave upon waves of euphoric fizziness. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/album/rave-on-a-madchester-celebration  

You might have to forgive us for we’ve mislaid the original citation announcing this release, the latest from the highly admired Sonido Polifonico imprint of which i’m certain we’ve read in passing there are just 99 numbered copies of. As ever impeccably decorated in the usual eye catching finery, inserts and all manner of buttons and stuff, this latest lathe press is a split release that pits on either side of wax the talents of Dean McPhee and Seabuckthorn. So while we fumble about doing all the necessary ordering gubbins here’s a brief and irresistible excerpt. Of course Dean McPhee was mentioned in passing only a few weeks ago here, ‘altar rock’ further cements his repute as an artist of praise worthy sensitivity, his ability to extract a broadening spectrum of emotional colouring is simply next to none with this dream drifting seafaring opine at once beautifully free from shackling, airily murmured and yet bitter sweetly toned – easily filed next to your prized David A Jaycock platters. Similairly mesmeric in both measure and expression, Seabuckthorn’s ‘pine darkened slopes’ comes wonderfully flexed in a shimmering psych folk spell craft that blurs with a stilled and hollowed mystic elegance to softly stir and nod with the kind of enriched ghosted grace that recalls the late Jack Rose. https://soundcloud.com/deanmcphee/dean-mcpheeseabuckthorn-split-7-preview  

Staying with seabuckthorn, a little rummaging around unearthed this cutie, released last year, ‘they haunted most thickly’ I regret to say fleeted beneath our usually alert radar when it was sneaked out by Bookmaker records in a strictly limited 300 only wax pressing. We here must admit being somewhat smitten by the lead cut, something we should add that ought to appeal to those Terrascope reading folk among you for this is an echo to those much missed Oggum imprint releases from many years ago – see Alphane Moon, Our Glassie Azott, the Spires of Oxford et al.


interlude…….some nifty 60’s grooviness….the spires of Oxford, the members, the paragons, billy nicholls, bit’a sweet..

not the Spires of Oxford of Oggum fame, these dudes hail from a lost moment in the 60’s….

Not the members of ‘sound of the suburbs’ fame……

The paragons with ‘ABBA’

Billy Nicholls…..

Bit’a sweet…..

We’ve always had a soft spot for the much-derided flexi disc, you might warm to the warmth of vinyl, but nothing beats the crackle n’ hiss or the false starts, skips and jumps of this once chosen medium of the magazine cover mount. Sure enough as a kid growing up in a family with a well-stocked vinyl collection, the oddness and simplicity of the flexi was a curious thing. Tucked between pages of magazines or found loitering on the counters of record shops used as promotional advertising, we adored the way they were so annoying a medium to play, often with directions to tape a coin to their middle to offer balance and ballast, they dipped, warped and wobbled, when you did get them to play it seemed the cheaper the player the better the results, our chosen weapon of play was my mums old, battered and sand hugging Dansette, the hi-fidelity player in the sitting room was just too fragile a device to even dare let loose on them and any way the stylus’ where often prone to skating accidents and their replacement the cost of a small plot of land. We mention all this because the Jacuzzi Boys have just extended the sphere of their own Mag Mag label to incorporate a flexi disc series, the first of which will feature a seriously gruff growling blues bad boy from Iggy Pop entitled ‘asshole blues’. Summoning up the spirits of the blues greats that have walked the same dust ravaged path many moons before and very much channelling the ghost of Johnny Cash and into the bargain sounding as though it’s been recorded on some decades old slab of rarefied shellac unearthed on a recent archive vault dig, the Ig croons wearily to a porch lit mooching moonshine motif that’s grizzled in a crossroads vintage, dusty, dishevelled and damaged, its howls with, as the Ig finitely puts it, ‘a negative energy’. Quite frankly essential in our book.  https://soundcloud.com/magmagrecords/iggy-pop-asshole-blues    

The flexi disc…..

A short history – https://medium.com/cuepoint/the-wacky-wiggly-razor-thin-world-of-the-flexi-disc-8d9463bce7a2  




wah wah pedal advert……


They might be giants…


I seriously dare you to get to the end of this with all your wherewithal still intact, crushingly beautiful, this is ‘time’ by Tom Adams, a track taken from a forthcoming set entitled ‘Silence’. An immaculately poised and bruised hymn of hope tenderly set to a withering and ghostly sepia framed neo classical hush. While its quietly sparse and elegiac arrangements might nod courteously to dovetail into the ghost lit echelons of Antonymes, it’s that vocal that steers the emotional wheel, cuts you dead in your tracks, all at once forlorn and graceful as it glides through the scales. Immensely bruising stuff and an utterly humbling listening experience.  https://soundcloud.com/aswefallintostatic/time/s-6k19f

Live Dates

Weds 17th May – ‘Silence’ album launch party at Brilliant Corners

Friday 19th May – Great Escape Festival, Brighton at Unitarian Church

Had to feature this, alas only an excerpt, but serving to put you on warning that this is currently adoring our turntable and set for imminent review soon. New album ‘Unkapitulierbar’ by Der Plan – indeed twenty-five years after they parted ways, Der Plan are back. No doubt tiring of waiting for the chasing pack, technologies and musical styles to catch up, they’ve returned and cooked up a set that might be best described as a sonic sponge that simultaneously finds them seamlessly linking to their past, the present, the future and beyond. This particular snippet, an excerpt of ‘Lass die Katze stehn!’, perhaps providing the albums most overt pop statement, though this being Der Plan that notion of ‘pop’ is inscrutably skewed and impishly harvested in a kookily fizzy fried late 70’s analogue trippiness that playfully purrs to a peculiar ping ponging bump n’ grind arcade amusement vibe. 


Their debuting release via Ata Tak

There’s an album in need of adoring from these folk from off which, sent ahead on scouting detail, the title track has been causing a fair amount of swooning around the listening gaff.  This is duo Cotton Wolf with ‘life in analogue’ taken from a set by the same name heading out shortly on vinyl and all various formats through the Bubblewrap Collective. Both seductive and streamlined, its lush dream weaved tonalities at once retro and future gazing impact with a cooling cruise controlled kosmiche calibration whose star watching symmetry shapeshifts seamlessly embracing a chill toned caress that swallow dives between points of reference where Vangelis and Tangerine Dream are distantly located on a vantage peak from where Craig Padilla quietly observes. https://soundcloud.com/bubblewrapcollective/cotton-wolf-life-in-analogue


Mika Vainio



Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


the end groove…….

We’ll leave you with the full soundtrack to the 70’s remake of ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ by Denny Zeitlin, a wonderful homage to the suspense backdrops of the golden era horror / sci fi film score. 

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