super j lounge

Here’s something of a much-forgotten gem from a not so distant past. Seems the folks over Super J Lounge, well Don Brosnan at least, has seen fit to dive deep into their recorded archives and pluck tracks from their debuting full length ‘finally….’ and adorn them with recently shot footage filmed on super 8. The plan being to release these at monthly intervals throughout the year with ‘greetings’ being the forth in the series. Anyhow this footage was filmed in the back garden of his parent’s house – we’ll let Don take up the story……

‘Anyone can watch a sunset but it takes some effort to catch a sunrise. I, myself, have caught quite a few on my way home after being kicked out of wherever I had been consuming pints of the Devil’s Buttermilk. For this footage, I stood in my parent’s back garden like an idiot, with my 8mm camera held high above my head. I stood like this for 15 minutes, my arms aching under the camera weight as my Father appeared next to me. He stared at me for a few seconds, shook his head and muttered “Jaysus” as he turned to walk away.’

As to the track itself, I guess back in the day, somewhere in any considered review the phrase post rock might have popped up once or twice, not least because this slow to burn beauty weaves quietly peeling away somewhere in the middle whereupon it ruptures, splinters and fractures into animation before recoiling back into its shyly carefree shell. In truth a lolloping porch pretty that has the ability still, even after 17 years since it wooed the most in tune turntables, to catch you off guard and on the back foot teetering as its softly murmured dust trailed spell takes hold, its compositional reach not a million miles from Low, though scratch away at its surface and there’s more than a revealing of the Beta Band in cahoots with the Palace Brothers, the latter albeit on happy pills doing strange things rewiring as were the slo-mo bliss burn of Spacemen 3 and relocating it to some lazy eyed shaded corner of a prairie.



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