lossy and strangers are people too

Most tasty, but be warned, 20 minutes long you might want to find yourself a little quiet space in order to ease off the gas of a hectic day. This is Lossy and strangers are people too (Sam Sharp and Sarah Culross as they are more readily recognised by family and friends) with the head tripping odyssey that is ‘microverse’. In short a four movement suite that with svelte shape shifting ease manages to terraform across a constantly mutating sound palette that free flows between moments of chill toned kosmiche, jazz tweaked dub and arabesque mysticism, much like one of those hypno-therapy relaxation tapes though here oozed in oodles of third eye wandering trippiness. That said i’m not normally given to commenting about visuals but i must admit there’s been times where i’ve thought i’d been locked in the Tron-sphere forced to watch old school Microsoft screen savers, strangely enough it does add and enhance the sounds your hearing which i’ll admit first off might well strike chords aplenty with those much admiring of Astralasia and Banco de Gaia, the initial moments emerging as though disarming  star lilting orbital lullabies much recalling a snoozing ISAN being tucked up by Littlebow. With sumptuously fluent effect matters begin to dissolve and dissipate with the arrival of a more jazz toned quotient that imagines Bill Laswell hanging out with Lalo Schifrin cooking up sounds from a lost score for some pulled at the last moment early 70’s noir film. From therein things get somewhat darker and dizzier attracting a more lights lowered sophistication whereupon come threaded the softly distracting purr of noir mystics before normality resets us full circle to the warm rush smother of ambient awakening.


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