US Golf 95

Spied this on the 345rpm face book page which in case you’ve been asleep or ignoring our frequent mentions in these pages, is a lathe vinyl cutting service run by former Southall Riot man Phil who deals in the kind of limited run bespoke vinyl editions that you’ve probably seen gracing the catalogues of Polytechnic Youth, Static Caravan, Fruits de Mer, Castles in Spaces, Sonido Polifonico and more in recent times. Anyhow as said this is one of the latest to head off the cutter, a strictly limited outing from US Golf 95 and a track by the name ‘fade’ which has already sold out of its first clear wax pressing – limited to just – er – 10 copies and now almost out of its second on ‘monochrome’ – er – just 20 of those. The track in question, ‘fade’ be its name, a wonderfully alluring chill toned nocturnal sophisticat sumptuously ghosted in a sparsely kissed framing and sounds by way of these ears not unlike a love note exchanging soiree happened upon by Plone and a ‘digitalis’ era ‘ISAN.–3  

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