the sexual objects

On limited release where you’ll find it pressed up on 10 inch of wax, the latest offering from the Sexual Objects who feature among their line up a certain David Henderson, indeed he of Fire Engines and Nectarine no.9 fame, anyhow these dudes last appeared a wee while back to much adoring – somewhere here in fact – their latest ‘sometimes’ features additional remodelling by Andy Weatherall, Boards of Canada and Wvne. Now let us not beat about the bush, this is frankly superb, one of those best thing i’ve heard since the Jumbo debut moments, all sun fried, softly psyched and mellowed beneath a west coast haziness, in truth the kind of thing that a prime era Earworm would have tripped  over themselves to rush out to the adoring floppy fringe masses.

As said there’s a rather spiffing makeover by the elusive Boards of Canada, who proceed to give the original mix something of a celestial snow globed twinkling, in the process arresting its effervescence to a trippy daydreaming murmur and then seductively wrapping it in a sepia soft seasoning kissed in lilting mosaics and a star fried kaleidoscopic kosmische majesty. Available via Triassic Tusk.  

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