By way of a wee apology, mainly due to a slight error relating to a recent posting which we’ll remedy a little later, here’s a plethora of swinging indie peaches from those emotional response folk, first up of which is a newie from Seafang. Of course those of you with something of a ‘hang on didn’t you mention them previously’ type instant recall, then consider yourselves winners of the rarely awarded spotters badge, for we did mention them, somewhere here in fact – – anyhow this is their latest, it be called ‘solid gold’. In short, a sky blazing C-86 shimmertone effervescently bliss bathed in the most distressingly infectious siren signing riffage beneath which adorned in shades the soft hazy adoring of 60’s sun bleached harmonies woo and weave to a radiant tapestry that imagines a love in between Lush and the Primitives.   

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