joss cope

One of the disturbing perils of these missives is that there are times when releases sneak across our blind side, whether due to time constraints or just an accidental oversight on our part, it crushes us that we never get to mention everything that passes across our desk. Case in point, this one which was almost lost, the latest full length from Joss Cope, younger brother of Julian no less. ‘unrequited lullabies’ comes teased in the kind of softly toned psych / paisley pop intimacy that might suggest it was the in-house invention of some secret Bucketful of Brains all-star gathering. Two tracks feature on the preview page with ‘Scales falling’ busily weaving a wonderfully warming earworm that snakes ever so slyly, nodding with a subtle affection to the mercurial mellowing of a house of love at the height of their powers. That said we here have to admit being simply smitten by ‘your broken heart is not for sale’, arriving as it does kissed and sprayed with an autumnal emotional purr more occasioning of an Eyptians fronted Robyn Hitchcock though here found channelling the forlorn sigh of Oddfellows Casino. Available incidentally through the uber cool Gare Du Nord imprint.

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