I’m certain we’ve mentioned these folk in passing, quite recently to, but can we find a citation, or is it just me having one of my concerning memory moments. Anyhow we must apologise for being a tad late with this one, it’s by QST, heading out of the Static Caravan stable on a 150 only CD pressing and goes by the name ‘the silent cookbook’. For those a little unfamiliar, QST is the secret guise of Frans de Waard, 8 little musical worlds feature within, all of them charmed, chipped and chirped with a vintage 70’s cosmic lullaby toning which for a second, to illustrate the sounds within, try imagining a dozing ISAN dreaming of Kraftwerkian sheep, something that emerges fully formed on the kosmische retro echo that is ‘QST 55’). It’s all very cutely lulling and minimalist in a pleasing Plone type way with ‘QST 45’ seemingly cutting would be 90’s club floor shapes of an uber cooling FSOL variety replete in all its gloopy funk struck glitchy loveliness. Equally attractive to the ear, the sparsely star spotted ‘QST 46’ is delightfully dinked in woozy wafts of binary conversation, blighter had us of a mind to consider a Biosphere listening evening  those fancying their sounds demurred in Oriental charms albeit fracturing ones that swish n’ swoosh amid all manner of gloopy hijinks might be minded to seek out ‘QST61’ whose dislocating ambient clock working has something of a sense of temporary secretary’s about its wits as were re-chisseled by the Radiophonic Workshop backroom staff. The graceful oceanic spray adores the opening moments of the parting ‘QST 69’ its reflective nostalgic phrasing and stilled glacial grandeur imparting something that sound wise sparsely seismic you’d expect to peer back at you from the grooves of OMD’s ‘organisation’. http://www.staticcaravan.org/item.asp?Ref=325

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