the corrupting sea

Taken from Somewherecold’s benefit compilation ‘resistance’, which happy grumbles about our workload aside, we will endeavour to visit more fully in the near future, this is the much admired the corrupting sea with the eloquently refined ‘take a knee’. Be prepared for an emotional response for this softly thawing 10-minute leviathan is surely to test the test the mettle of most with its beautifully crushed melancholic visitation. Sounding a lot like the falling sigh of some end game, as is typical of the corrupting sea’s canon previously, the attending elements of atmospheric, cinematic and majestic all gather and bow in a line awaiting some hitherto final destination, the timing and place of such an event marked by the gentle chime of a clock working pulsar, its all hopelessly bleak and beautiful, the surrendering riff choruses, the symphonic brushing aligned to impart celestial fanfares and then the clock stop, the end, nothing.  

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