the official matinee world cup EP

I think in earlier despatches we promised football releases song smithery, this being the day when the World Cup takes a momentary break before the knock out celebrations, we thought you’d be in need of a soccer fix. Step to the plate Matinee recordings who’ve a rather spiffing 5 track EP currently doing the rounds entitled the ‘the official Matinee World Cup’ EP that finds the nations of Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Australia and England all sharing the spoils. Alas we’ve managed to lose sight of the email that came attached with it, so such things as transfer speculations and various need to know team sheet gossip we’ll have to regretfully pass up on. Anyway, first up, Last Leaves kick off proceedings with ‘golden days to come’, a classically pitched strum twee gem whose breezily casual terrace charmed eyeing had us minded of the Lucksmiths and who in injury time up the loveliness with a spot of nifty brass fanfares. Next up, Red Sleeping Beauty’s ‘dressed in yellow and blue’ is delightfully tweaked with a purring 80’s electro vibe, very Fosca I must admit all chirpily upbeat though dappled in a melancholic pop vibrancy. Not quite Colourbox, incidentally the World Cup song that never was and the best at that, we can see where the Royal Landscaping Society are going with the stately ‘’2010’, a bit New Order without the naff rap all tethered with an emotion hugging phrasing that aside being a tad becoming, punches you ever so gently beneath the belt. And then it’s the big guns being rolled out as late substitutions deep into the second half, the Popguns’ bracing fuzz rippled adore that is ‘red, white and blue’ skitters along with a breathless effervescence flanked by buzz sawing riffola and honeyed harmonies aplenty. All said, edging it in the fair play award, pale Sunday’s ‘dirt pitch superstars’ tactically pulls out all the stops, woozy organs, shimmering riffs and a pulse racing urgency, it’s enough to have you rummaging the racks for prized Another Sunny Day platters.    

098 sleeve

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