jim wilson

Staying with Trunk records, another essential release which I guarantee, if you’ve not heard previously, will simply blow you away, is ‘God;s Chorus’ by Jim Wilson. Now this particular slice of, well how exactly would you describe it as, the nature divine, has been transfixing all who’ve heard it online these last two decades or so. Originally appearing, a segment at least, on cassette with a limited run on CD in the 90’s, Jonny Trunk acquired the licencing rights a few years ago thinking, quite rightly, that it deserved a vinyl pressing. Artwork is by Bess Kirby, a talented 14 year old artist from Cornwall who paints postcards to sell to passers-by. I know it all sounds very tall a fact only emphasised when you hear the sounds within, unbelievable, a celestial jubilation and something you’d imagine greeting you as you passed through the veil of white light and relinquished your mortal coil. This is the sound of crickets at both normal speed and slowed, fused together to create this eternal choral, its like being touched by a heavenly visitation, tranquil, at peace and at one, utter divine bliss, no instruments used or anything, between you and me, forget the trash commercialism that has blighted the coming season, this is the true meaning of Christmas. https://soundcloud.com/acornavi/jim-wilson-crickets-audio

God's Chorus

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