ronnie d’addario

Staying with the you are the cosmos collective, latest to their family is a Christmas album by Ronnie D’Addario entitled ‘a good old fashioned brand new Christmas’. A gathering of sixteen sepia stocking fillers, mostly self-penned with a few covers thrown in for good measure, indeed it might be a little saccharine for our taste buds but hey, its Christmas, so stop being a curmudgeon bugger and tuck. In truth this comes graced with a vintage monochrome framing, ‘one day’ – featured below – as with most of the tracks here, features some exceptional vocals and harmonies by Mr D’Addario’s young sons Michael and Brian. As to the track itself,  all wholesome good fun, fills you with a warming glow and that sense of homeliness courted by watching an old black and white festive flick, all said the only thing its missing is a liberal spraying of snow and a roaring open fire with which to gather around and toast this most cherished dates in the calendar.  

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