Fuzz flecked loveliness from Boyracer heading out on limited slabs of 7 inch lathe cut vinyl through emotional response in conjunction with, (I’m sure I’ve read somewhere though annoyingly can I lay my hands on the note – no), a handful of well heeled European labels. Pressed on the grooves of this rarefied gem two cuts you won’t featured on the bands forthcoming full length due later in the year, with ‘strong arms’ leading the charge invested with dollops of sun fried effervescence and the kind of backside kicking giddy up spliced with an acute teen spirited zip as to have you imagining it was a lost and forgotten renegade of a pre-grunge buzz popping indie class of the late 80’s. All this blessed with hooks aplenty and a rousing pulse racing chorus line while lest we forgot a crafty neat sideways glance to the Teenage Fanclub coming in around the 1.36 mark. Over on the flip, a readily more sedate affair in comparison with the appearance of ‘Teardrops’ – a ssorrowed strum sortie of ambitions dashed and a mournful wish to re-engage with a past long since gone, hell fire the tears are a welling…..

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