Must admit we were sold on the description in the liner notes which boast, or should that be warn, ‘ …….. the mysterious and unsettling Tamayuge’s universe is somewhere between Phew, Laurie Anderson and The Residents’. This is the delightfully unsettling sonic ghost shell that is ‘Baba Yaga’, a debut full length from the already aforementioned duo Tamayuge for the French imprint, Akuphone who in their weird wisdom have happily pressed up a thousand copies of this contagious curio on vinyl. Three tracks loom on the preview pane of their bandcamp page, a most incredible exercise in isolationist eerie for Tamayuge draw from a varied and eclectic choice of generic pools and references, sometimes found chamber gloomed and spiritwalking some petrified ghost glimmered fog bound woodland as on the darkly drawing mysterio ‘Herbert Song’, itself wandering wearily into shadowlands occupied by both the Hare and the Moon and Glissando with just a trace element of Dead Can Dance. That said, it seems ‘Herbert Song’ is something of a sore thumb for elsewhere on both ‘Ame Nochi Hare’ and ‘Jyu Hantai’ there’s a playful peculiar operating in the backwaters which on the latter mentioned cut, morphs and manifests with the utilising of vintage electronic mediums, to carve disruptive and dislocated fractures of skittish torch pop embellished with a raft of streams of sonic consciousness. For us though, its on ‘Ame Nochi Hare’ where all the weird ear resource and unsettling surrealism is located, something we’d like to think that ought to first port of call, be of interest to the fans and folks at Bearsuit Records alike, for here there’s that same innocently queasy awkwardness attaching where frankly nothing really makes sense and you feel as though your chasing down rabbit holes whereupon sparsely veiled sounds from 50’s sci-fi trip oddly to sepia dream weaves and the kind of dysfunctional skip blip kookiness that was once the trademark groove of Pop Off Tuesday. https://tamayuge.bandcamp.com/album/baba-yaga

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