extradition order

Oh my, this is a welcoming blast from the past. Initially pricking our ears way back in the youthful years of a newly formed turntable teething i blame the parents imprint, Extradition Order cut a curiously crooked swagger unlike anything else around at the time, awkward, astute and arty, they confused and compelled in equal measure, a cut above the rest. But then as with these things, we lost touch, they shifted onto other things and ultimately became a memory, albeit a fond one. Some ten years later, they’re back on our radar with an imminent full length scheduled for February release entitled ‘American Prometheus’ through a co-conspiratorial gathering of labels that include some of the finest sound houses operating on the outer margins of the sonic spectrum – Gare Du Nord, Blang, Jesus Factory, Helen Llewellyn Product 19, and I Blame The Parents. Dedicated to their founding member Nick Boardman who sadly passed away last year, the full length, according to the band, ‘is a Northern Soul album about the atomic bomb’. Boy they weren’t kidding for at present just two tracks loom large for listening love on the preview player, ‘no nobel’ perhaps just edging it in the affection stakes comes kissed with that much loved skittishness of old, though here honed delightfully with an up close in your face vibrancy whose funkstruck soulful hiccupping hip swerve is acutely cut from the same art pop template that graced those early Talking Heads and Modern Lovers platters. Add into that palette a transfusion of the Sinatras and Fire Engines’ contortionist pop, some keenly fused moments of classic foot flapping Two Tone-ism and a smidgeon of the Dexy’s ‘searching for the young soul rebels’ and you have yourself a neat hysteria fuelled hotpot of infectious groove.


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