waterless hills

Absolute apologies to both label and band for initially missing this and for the inordinate amount of time it’s taken to remedy the oversight. Out through the ever wonderful and beautifully bespoke Sonido Polifonico imprint, these are the touching sounds of Waterless Hills. As ever, an eye catching affair all beautifully packaged arriving lovingly hand pressed on 8 inches of lathe cut vinyl by Phil over at 345RPM and ‘housed in hand-stamped velum envelope with screen-printed single-sheet sleeve, postcard insert, and hand-stamped envelope containing a Waterless Hills badge, a handmade Sonido Polifonico clay token, and a Sonido Polifonico badge. Just 99 of these available all of which, I sadly suspect, have been snaffled. Pressed upon the grooves two tracks of stark crafted contrast, the snaking middle eastern raga that is ‘waverley cross’ leads out and weaves a beautifully trance like state of neo psychedelic hazy, the sonic tongue cut with a lost ancient voice rises with a restless intensity amid whose storming swirls and maddening dance, summons the very attendance of nature’s furies, formidable listening. By comparison, ‘The Empty House Of The Son Of The Vali Of Pusht-I-Kuh’ is a readily more considered and settled affair, there’s a sense of neglect, a silent solemn for something forgotten that bruises here, its yearning progressive post rock nuances very much shadowing the ache of the likes of Set Fire to Flames and the Future Kings of England of yore as it wearily stirs with almost spiritual reverance to stagger and stumble slowly ascending to a quietly majestic calm of understated and intricate beauty.



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