Some bands just have it in their locker, that cool thing. It’s something that courses through their tracks unguarded and not quite immediate yet all the same, invested with a sucker punch. I’m tempted to name names, but with the lateness of the evening the list would probably end up being found wanting as a result of a host of glaring omissions. Step up Derrero, one such band I’d have personally included, sure their sounds never pushed the envelope of pop, yet there was an melodic attraction and a deft artistry to their craft that crept up on you that was blessed with a tuning and a fashioning that pricked at the ears to separate them from their peers. Twenty years since calling it a day, or as the band mischeviously prefer to call it, a hiatus, they are back with a new album (‘time lapse’) in tow being readied as I write for March release through the Recordiau Cae Gwyn imprint. The album, well lets leave it to the band to fill in the blanks ‘…..self-recorded and produced over an intense alcohol fuelled weekend back in May the album contains 12 songs that weave tales of crustaceans, filthy flotsam, sobriety fear and house relocation in Missouri around Derrero’s trade mark art noise sound’. Alas no links as yet on this, but Dan happily sent over a teaser taster in the shape of ‘Space Suction’ which I won’t deny, has been on heavy rotation since arriving in our drop box. Possessed of an adorably homely fizz, there’s a subtle soft psychedelic lilt permeating here whose sunny lysergia had us recalling that classic Elephant 6 collective vibe of yore, Of Montreal being a prime suspect should you need a reference marker, its lazy eyed inclines and softly sugared shimmering assuming a mellowing seasoning until that is, a momentary fracture occurs wherein everything wonderfully unravels with a discordant delight before heigh-hoing nonchalantly to the end groove, all of which reminds me, we really must dig out our prized Magoo stash. Any questions?

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