The urgency, the erratic surges, that sense of simmering agitation metered out by punctuating eye jabbing riffs, crooked stop start zig zag time signatures and that feeling that your one misjudged chord away from total collapse and chaos (’bird trick‘). Welcome to the head fried world of London based trio Poino’s ‘bon ick voyeur’ out via horse arm just now. Melding angular art gouged grooves with mathian post rocking alt grind, ’bon ick voyeur’ may well be the most wayward set you’ll have the pleasure of hearing outside of a platter emanating from the foolproof projects stable all year, delightfully fractured and unhinged and inscrutably schizoid, Poino don’t claim to have created a new sound – trace lines amid the grooves recall at given moments flashbacks to truman’s water, shellac, arm, polvo (in particular ‘burnt birthday‘), hey colossus and literally anything crawling out of the brew and gringo imprints, in fact edge a little closer and you’ll find their kindred spirits to be the birthday party (check out the frenetic and frantic damaged art blues brutality of the contortionist feral flame hot ‘lenod’ if you think we’ve gone a little too far in the back slapping admiration). Far from being one trick ponies shift a little along the grooves for ‘pinking’ which unless ears do deceive (and they don’t) snarls with a twisted forlorn beauty of some lost John Barry spy theme exhumed from the lost vaults and zapped into life by a gathering of Constellations all stars all headed up by primo twang overlords shadowy men on a shadowy planet. All said we here do admit to being mildly fond of the frankly wired to the teeth ’doom fist’ which aside being just totally mental is an exercise in stereophonic trepanning rarely heard done better here than in the early days of Trencher. Most surprising moment of the set comes with the parting ‘terpischordia’ a piano and strings ballad sombrely turned in a shadowy chamber noir trimming and etched in suspense and macabre that you’d rather more expect to hear on a Philippe Petit platter which for its stark dark majesty alone – think Stockhausen reshaping Satie – at the very least would cause palpitations aplenty and chin stroking delight from those much admiring and fondly missing those old Radio 3 ’mixing it’ broadcasts. All that without scarcely a mention of jazz, oh bugger. Chaotically crucial.

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biscuithead and the biscuit badgers

By all accounts these dudes have been setting hearts a fluttering and heads a scratching with their conventionally non conventional catalogue of English eccentricity. Mind you with a name like biscuit head and the biscuit badgers you are alerted long before you’ve even had a chance to air their wares that something is promised that’s – shall we say – not quite right. They have an album out ’dinosaurs ate my caravan’ which tackles such lying awake at night thinking about issues of interest such as the formation of snow, the passing of dinosaurs and hot topic of the now – yes you guessed it – the virtues of the tweed jacket. ’cheese’ grated from that aforementioned set is due shortly to entertain and I dare say annoy in equal measures, musical hall mirth blessed with the impish traits of Vivian Stanshall, Louden Wainwright (in his Jasper era) and as the press release exquisitely notes the zany tomfoolery of Vic n’ Bob albeit as though ribbing Cole Porter. Certainly sure to appeal to fans of those other imps of hi-jinx genius Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones with its falling over tripping up slapstick sassiness and smokily cooled cabaret crooning. http://www.biscuithead.co.uk

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heroin in tahiti

Finally from boring machines – news that there might be a little action from Heroin in Tahiti, these dudes, alas previously unknown to us, apparently wowed all with their acclaimed ’death surf’ set for the label way back in 2012 – you can grab a digital copy via http://www.boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/heroin-in-tahiti-death-surf – anyhow the band are set to release a double full length – dates to be confirmed with the label recommending that for now you seek out their current 7 inch and tape releases for Yerevan and no-fi respectively this very minute which is just what we did rooting out a sound cloud link for the Yerevan release, the flip side as it happens ’Alo’ – should appeal first instance to admirers of Grails given its dust ravaged snake dance, a suspense riddled dark beauty rooted in spaghetti western macabre , a witching hour tango of lost souls reliving their final showdown on a grimly tortured soul damning loop for the perverse sadist entertainment of the underworld’s populace. http://www.soundcloud.com/yerevan-tapes/heroin-in-tahiti-alo



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zone demersale

Also due to make an appearance on boring machine shortly are duo Zone Demersale – made up of Pietro Riparbelli and Michele Ferretti – the press release promises repetitive loops inspired by sciamanism – being showcased at present as an early warning taster comes ‘paranormal activity’ a briefly stilled slice of ethereal strangeness, unsettling and bizarrely serene it taps the kind of sonic inner worlds oft ploughed by chief noise nik sonic sculpture Roadside Picnic and aural alchemist Cheju.

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dream weapon ritual

Next up and via the same outlet, dream weapon ritual – I fairly certain that’s what they call themselves, is the work of sound alchemist Simon Balestrazzi whose extensive career can be traced back to the early 80’s wherein he founded TAC – Tomografia Assaile Computerizzata. This project finds him hooking up with actress / vocalist Monica Serra as well as occasional guest appearances by MS Miroslaw, Antonio Gallucci, Massimo Ollo, Donato Epiro and Paolo Senna. Mastered by James Plotkin the release ’ebb and flow’ is being given a limited black wax outing – and from here is ’ebb and flow #5’ from the set by way of a taster. a colossal 11 minute shape shifting and dream drifting odyssey sculptured in dronal motifs amid whose hypnotic weaves a curious blend of serene Oriental accents and bowed instrumentation pulsate to morphs deliriously into an as were altered states sonic kaleidoscope that woozily wanders distractively like some between sleep and wake psychotropic mirage. There’ll be more from Mr Balestrazzi later this missive as we’ve just taken delivery of a limited split cassette he shares with unmodified for the old bicycle imprint.

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adriano zanni

Mentioned in brief passing last missive out when casting our ears over that superb Futeisha cassette (lead guitarist with la piramide de sangue), Boring Machine are readying themselves for a holiday break though not before tripping out a handful of essential releases. First up – not strictly a record release as such more a collection of photographic stills by Adriano Zanni of Punck fame – this limited release – the first non sound outing by the label – and incidentally titled ‘postcards from revenna’ – comes pressed up on free life vellum 215gr paper all housed in a thick cardstock box screen printed by Legno

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/67942655″>Postcards from Ravenna</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/punck”>Adriano Zanni</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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theatre royal

Staying with all things Vacilando 68, theatre royal’s eagerly anticipated ’we don’t where we are’ is due to touch down imminently and from it we’ve been sneaking fond glances at the near perfect pop prowess of ‘here it comes’ as it peels away in sun radiating exuberance whilst nailed to the floor by the tugging tides of crystalline chord ripples, easily filed away under the upper case descriptives ’feel good’ – if I could bottle it up and sell from a hastily cobbled together counter at the local market I’d be a millionaire come the week’s end……

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