biscuit mouth

Just a very brief mention for this before we power down for the evening…‘destined for pepsi chart number 1, naturally’ proclaims a short introductory message from Sean and Tim of Biscuit Mouth, if only – I’d certainly revisit my radio on a more regular basis were it the case. These dudes hail from Derby and have an album ’doing it right, doing it well’ lurking in reserve with ’roll into the dancer’ sent ahead on a scouting mission. In short the kind of acrid agit groove that the likes of brew, on the bone and gringo used to fly our way before we fell off their mailing lists and something which by rights ought to be high on the listening radar of admirers of part chimp et al as well as those among you well versed in old school Touch n’ Go grooves – in short three and a half minutes of potently spiked bastardised blues curdled in feral and fried detuned riffola and spazzed out motifs – does it for us.

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the pussywarmers and reka

Sounding as though its been suspended upon a surreal dream weaving Lynchian carousel, new single ’sunrise’ from the Pussywarmers and Reka is a seductively haunting Meek mirage that’s crookedly woozy and deliciously off centred not to mention inscribed with the kind of craft you’d rightly refer to as a classic in waiting.

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the elwins

A cheery sun teased charmer which by rights ought to be the perfect reason for swooning bouts among those shy eyed types among you clutching preciously to your prized Sarah assorted record collection and who’ve lain awake at night dreaming up secret lists of sonic scenarios featuring your fave bands in various what if settings – such as – for arguments sake – what if they might be giants had the appeared on the adored kitchenware imprint in the early 80’s. well you can tick that one off your list for the Elwins have pretty much nailed that up on ‘sittin pretty’. again culled from their acclaimed debut full length for affairs of the heart, the quartet are currently applying the top coat finishing to their second album – release date and title as yet unknown, rest assured if it sounds remotely as tasty ass this it’ll be getting fond words aplenty for this honey comes serenaded in a chirping chime riffage and the kind of tenderised MOR breeziness that radiates with such feel good effervescence it’s a wonder that these dudes haven’t been contracted by a major pharmaceutical to bottle its essences and sell over the counter as a pick me up tonic. Alas no sound links just yet.

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dalmatian rex and the eigentones

Just eyed this via Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones – an acoustic version of ‘the folk rock national aeronautics and space administration’ which as you all should know the full on version of which can be found on their quite fantastic ‘the order of the dolphin’ – copies of which found their way into a select few lucky goodie bags at Probe on RSD14. Goonery aplenty here, typically wonky Rex strangeness that tips its hat ever so slightly towards those pillars – or should that be pillocks – of national greatness Half Man Half Biscuit – the full on version is worth an earful or three given it comes razored upon Ramones riffola and a knowing nod to those old school punk tricksters peter and the test tube babies…..

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yip deceiver

Fancy a little something crafted upon a Studio 54 chassis, with Sylvester styled v8 cylinders, Moroder turbos, Jamiroquia trims all blessed with a pulsing purr that’ll dance your legs off as you cut shapes alongside your adoring turntable when its seduced stylus hits its waxen grooves. Then we suggest you bag yourself a copy of the debut single ‘presets’ from Yip Deceiver who feature among their ranks ex Of Montreal members Nicolas Dobbratz and Davey Pierce an uber slinky n’ sexy sassy strut grooved space hopper finessed in fat funky flashings all haloed in honey hugging hot n’ horny hyper glides. Nuff said….


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chester hawkins

Just ripped this from an alrealon musique posting, described by its author Chester Hawkins – he who brought our way that immense ‘semisolids’ set via intangible arts – as an Easter Sunday improvisation for modular synth and devices recorded at the weekend – on Easter Sunday as it happens at Strange Matter – ‘mass’ does pretty much what it says on the tin though as impish as he chooses to be ‘mass’ in this context utilises both of its literal meanings – those being loosely – a religious celebration and an expanse of an undefined object. A thirteen minute headtrip into the unknown, a Dadaist slab of mid locking chamber drone shape shifting anew undiscovered sonic spectrums, what first sounds like a monochromatic cathedral fugue soon blazes in intensity with the onset of flat lining skree shards and pulsing reverberations converging to change its tonality into something decidedly darker and sinister. From therein hyper galactic siren calls scramble to bend realities and usher in what can only be described as something akin to going supernova.

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Long time readers of the these musings will have no need for introductions where Rhys Marsh is concerned, past endeavours have seen him emerge variously heading up such guises as Autumn Ghost in recent years whilst last time out he was clearly captivating us with an enigmatic covers set headed up by a demurring rephrasing of Nick Drake’s immortal ‘things behind the sun’. due very shortly is the debuting set from kaukasus – a three piece Scandinavian progressive supercollider of sorts featuring the gathering talents of Marsh, Mattias Olsson and Ketil Vestrum Einarsen. The album ‘I’ promises a progian permutation of Genesis, Gabriel, Eno, Can and Japan references though we here having been seduced by the taster track ‘lift the memory’ are of the mind that this lot are playing down their potential, for amid this colourful and tempestuous tapestry looms something tailored in Crimson-ian delights, nu age psych prog delicacies crafted in classic Delirium records pageantry and 70’s rock-a-rama classicism which on first encounter ought to blow the minds of those much attuned in the criminally overlooked sonic craft of No-Man. Album review to follow next missive out.

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