eccentronic research council

Staying with the ERC boys it seems the blighters sneaked out a single a little while back that somehow managed to evade our usually reliably keen eyed radar – eyed upon their band camp page said artefact was discovered wooing all, traversing a vintage / retro groove much like that of the resource centre the excellently titled ’bun fight in the open university staff room’ EP kind of sums up for us exactly what lurks once you pull back the curtain. Featuring four tracks these delightful suites tune in to the very heart of electronic golden age, title track ‘bun fight in the open university staff room‘ being silkily swooned in the lilting recline of lunar waltz motifs much teased through an 70‘s viewfinder while the spectral ‘when you are woozy, mind your language cutie’ is playfully cosy toed in a minimalist industrial brushing to sound like an impish Autechre being scrambled by the tigerbeat6 crew. On the ‘inner thoughts of D.Cameron’ its more the notion rather than the sounds that appear creepy – imagine that – its bad enough listening to the silver spoon licking toff tory toss pot without having to wonder what he really thinks of us – anyhow admirers of the truth about frank will be most satiated. Most upbeat of the quartet comes with the parting ‘everyone loves a triumphant medieval joust’ which nicks its central coda from some distantly familiar pop hit from the past whose name annoyingly escapes me which beside that is effervescently primed in a kind of ‘it’s a knockout’ at the empire ballroom styled vintage organ soiree – damn fine listening for purveyors of radiophonic and chin stroking high brow 70’s TV theme enthusiasts, more we say.

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