death valley rally

Quick message from Neil – head honcho over at planting seeds – giving us a heads up on a new debuting EP from Virginia based quartet Death Valley Rally with a knowing promise of ‘indie noise pop shoe gaze’ galore. And he’s not far wrong for opening cut ‘come on’ (available now as a free download via the esteemed Magnet magazine site – link below) is a rollicking sub three minute heads down and strutting slab of blister kissed bubble groove that oozes honey dusted sun kissed harmonies aplenty whilst simultaneously finding itself deliriously drop kicked in swathes of fuzz laden shimmer gazed gouging which on first hearing is about you like a rash recalling a pre ‘loveless’ era MBV and the kind of eargear that admirers of labels such as bliscent as was, northern star and the squirrel imprint will swoon to in droves.

And here it is. Many thanks to Neil @ Planting Seeds who not only sent along the aforementioned Death Valley Rally EP but only the latest platter from the Young Sinclairs – which if you scroll down a wee bit you‘ll find.

Entitled ‘the stars shine brighter after midnight’ the debut lovely from Death Valley Rally sumptuously shoehorns into its tightly pressed groove lines a breathless sugar burst of dream dipped shoe gazed shimmer pop that happily reveals that ‘come on’ is no sun kissed honey drenched accident by packing in a 23 minute emotion wrecking ball set. ‘I see you clearly now’ leads out the charge for affection here which from out of its momentary brooding haze we here detected something of a fondness for Quickspace that‘s scalped by a bruising and epic wide screen sound cowed by a penetrating dark persona much admired upon early career platters by dream pop disciples Autodrone. Elsewhere there’s the divinely infectious pulse racing panic popping ‘stop and go’ lushly awash in a jet streaming bubble grooved soft psych wall of sound that stutters and soars to a subtle sugar rushing west coast channelling much present in pre ‘wake up’ Boo Radleys platters of yesteryear. Best of the set – just – the bitter sweet and aching silken hush rush of ‘one night in Vienna’ ought to draw sorrowful sighs and the occasional tear with its synth saturated swathes caressed in forlorn folds of honey kissed love note raptures – absolutely breathless and blissful. Not quite done with the love notes just for the quietly arresting ‘your frequency doesn’t matter’ similarly trades with the heartstrings and softly avails itself in the sweet haze of lovelorn demurs.
‘farewell’ draws matters to a stilled and elegant close, a precision honed beauty that takes flight in the tail smoke left by a classic era Ride, ablaze in seismic riff ruptures and bolted upon the kind of stratospheric struts and zoned in bliss kissing blister forming groove spliced in shimmered showers of loud / quiet attrition all hooked up to the much missed Skywave mainframe.

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