We’ve been eyeing tasty stuff aplenty on the captured tracks imprint of late not least a handful of full lengths from Blouse and the holograms – which if we think on – and indeed manage to nab copies of we’ll give a whirl here at a later date. For now though there’s been somehow of a hive of activity in the widowspeak camp which promises shortly to manifest itself into a new as yet untitled album to follow last years ’almanac’ set. For now there’s a new EP imminent by the name ’the swamps’ later this month from which has been sprung ’calico’. a frankly attractive thing that blends darkly woven enchanted slices of spectral psych folk all framed in a strangely alluring tapestry that creaks and yawns as though rising from some secret haze drenched woodland hidey hole to weave hauntingly to a primitive signature dinked in lolloping rambles and opining twangs all graced by Pamela Garabano-Coolbaugh’s seductive hush which we here where much minded of a more campfire in situ variant of the Stealing Sheep sharing ghostly tales with the Delgados and Mazzy Star. http://www.soundcloud.com/capturedtracks/widowspeak-calico/s-jPwii

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