wizards tell lies

As to the Wizards themselves, latest escapee from those all important third album sessions finds the frankly epic ‘the ninth door’ ushering into orbit, described by chief Wizard Matt as a ‘noisy little rascal’ this might well prove to be the Wizards most defining moment yet. Evermore journeying towards the dark eye of the mysterious Wizards psyche, this 10 minute opus is an emotionally draining experience that shimmers with a sleight of hand precision from moments of tear stained meekness to volcanic effervescence. Through the chattering binary conversations emerges the sweetly hushed reverence of a softly unfurling motif blossoming, intertwining and arcing through the crackling ether, mournfully beautiful and elegantly traced in a lush spectral spectrum that recalls a bruised Broadcast, which once gaining awareness of its environs suddenly fractures resplendently as though magnified through some white hot sun scorched prism. The snow bursting eruptions much like the stately quiet majesty of a youthful Sigur Ros in an ecstatic embrace with the Grails bitter sweetly seduce with a hollowing glacial phrasing that dissolves as the mood and intensity descends into an evermore fracturing state of panic and tension, gravitas adding weight courtesy of some superb Morricone meets Barry suspense theatrics. And then the orbiting pulsar is gone in search of new pastures. Anyway here’s the sound cloud posting – http://www.soundcloud.com/wizards-tell-lies/the-ninth-door

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