malka spigel

I really ought to start reading press releases a little more, I say this because this one had us recalling ‘a bell is a cup’ era Wire or more pertinently Wir era Wire – getting a tad confusing now I agree. New single from Malka Spigel entitled ‘tall grey buildings’ – in fact the third track from a new EP called ‘gliding’ – see back to that must read press releases before committing digital pen to as were digital paper lark. The Wire references aren’t as far off the mark as you’d first think for Spigel is wife of Colin Newman whom she shares billing with in Githead, anyway as advertised this is quite lulling in a cruise controlled vapour trailing way, shimmered softly in shoegazey lilts that ripple like sighing Lush afterglows that impact collectively with a stilled poise and panoramic cooled elegance that had us here much recalling a smoking early career Tex La Homa. Better still is the opener ’ammonite’ which we’ve only had a little pick at though can whole heartedly guarantee that with its beautifully peppered noir shaded 60’s pastoral classicism that its guaranteed to arrest, break hearts and be adored by all who fall beneath its spell. out incidentally via Swim.

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