klaus morlock

And now for something tasty from Klaus Morlock whose set ‘the bridmore lodge tapes’ you might well recall us mentioning a few months back on its way to a limited issue on reverb worship. More strangeness abound on their return for ‘the child garden’ is an aural photograph of a forgotten time in 1976 wherein macabre events are recalled during that years fiery summertime linked to the fabled happenings of the medieval cult in the 14th C. we’ve only had time to sample a selection of the sinister sweets on the table whilst we prepare to fire off begging missives for copies, but it’s the groove parting trio of suites that held our gaze and indeed our earlobes,  upon these grooves a prettified arrangement carefully picked, bowed and tied to create a classic Hammer House brit horror bouquet where pastoral folk murmurs peppered in fluke florets waltz and idly dreamily, the lulling rustics of ‘Jennifer’s Ascension’ being as beautiful as things get here, wonderfully undulating as it ushers in a breathy wide open panoramic shot of rolling green valleys and picturesque sleepily wooded hideaways. Similarly no slouch in the affectionately demurred stakes ‘sweet willow’ – as brief as it may first appear – serves as a mellowing and meekly traced slice of fading elegance trimmed in elegiac keys flurries and hushed in melancholia leaving ‘goodnight, little one’ to see matters out amid a part haunting part seductive carousel of lunar lullaby lilts that weave in as though caught upon some fleeting ghost light which aside things ought to appeal to those well versed in all things both Goblin and early 70’s Argento / Fulci inspired filmic soundtracks. https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/album/the-child-garden

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