minami deutsch

back now with more Cardinal Fuzz loveliness, this lot – Minami Deutsch hail from Japan and are described by a brief press blurb as being found worshipping at the altar of krautrock, now ordinarily we’d be agreeing sagely nodding likewise as we pondered a while and stroked our cosmic chin hair while musically medicating on the vibes, and yes there is an identifiable motorik lock grooviness at work here and a kind of wooziness specially formulated for flipping wigs and coaxing out to astral play your mystical eye but now having fallen beneath the hypno grooving of shit faced teaser track ‘futsu ni ikirenai’ we’re inclined to hazard a guess that these beatnik cosmic trippers are instead mainlining heavily on several parts Suicide and a healthy side serving of Silver Apples – out there and wasted doesn’t really cut it. Self titled debut full length – on white vinyl no less – due to impact in the time of the Liverpool psychedelic festivities.  https://soundcloud.com/dave-cambridge/futsu-ni-ikirenai

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