beautify junkyards

release number eight in ghost box’s ongoing series of specially curated seven inch outings via their ‘other voices’ catalogue offers a chance to be both enchanted and beguiled in the company of Beautify Junkyards. No strangers to these pages, Beautify Junkyards craft demurred aural dainties ghosted in psychedelic whispers all lush with an intricate artistry oozed dreamily in spectral seduction, all exemplified to perfection on this arresting twin set. Alas only snippets, but more than enough to give fair hint of the wonders within, ‘constant flux’ sits at a rarefied grand top table folk placing with Magnet on one side and Circulus on the other to harvest a timeless muse that’s delicately dappled in bewitchment and desire, its beckoning charms dimpled in spring hued pastorals radiantly woo and caress with an ethereal enchantment to mask an underlying shadowy gauzing a la ‘the wicker man’. Not to be outdone, sitting over on the flip ‘piramide’ is similarly traced in an outer worldly soft psych vintage which to these ears sounds not unlike Le Mans at the height of their creative powers re-energising a mystical sonic palette drawn up of Free Design and Wendy and Bonnie essences.

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