Radiohead’s as yet untitled ninth studio album will be available on digital platforms this Sunday 7pm GMT with physical and special variants to follow in June reports a typically tight lipped communique from their press folk along with news of a new teaser song and video to boot. As with ‘Burn the Witch’, the video accompanying ‘daydreaming’ is a typically cryptic affair portraying Mr Yorke entering in and out through a series of doors – one minute a hospital, the next a car park, a living room – very ‘the adjustment bureau’ – in what seems like a frantic attempt to escape to a quiet spot removed from civilisation / or connection. As to the track itself, very much flavoured in an ‘in rainbows’ aura, measured and elegant not to mention graced in noir tonalities which once passing through the initial dream draped flotillas courts upon a fragile frame dimpled in a beautifully becoming frailly bruised minimalist piano motif (see Sakamoto, Antonymes, Haushka), whose spectral seduction with each passing cycle grows steadily in depth, detail and density revealing a mournfully sweetly soured hymnal orchestration, with the textures in swirl formations sighing around a clock working mosaic all the time ascending gracefully in ethereal patterns assuming a sense of frantic urgency getting ever more brittle, panoramic and paced, at the centre of which Yorke solemnly sighs in withdrawing reflection. And while we shouldn’t comment on such things, we did chuckle upon reading a comment by one wit, when most were attempting to decipher the meaning as to what he was looking for by saying ‘looks like he’s lost his weed’.  

Most arresting all said.  

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