Céus de Abril

Latest lovely from the blog that celebrates itself comes courtesy of a free to download 4 track EP from Céus de Abril entitled ‘hidden tracks’ which we assume may well be cuts that have missed the final edit on the labels impeccable roster of cover compilations. Featured here are three covers and one original penning that being the opening salvo ‘Regando Lírios’ which if anything reveals these shoegaze love hearts as a collective irrefutably proud and adoring of My Bloody Valentine for this opining cutie comes bliss traced and hushly haloed in the dreamy set to seduce hypnotic inclines of ‘loveless’. That said where their cover of the Pale Saints’ ‘angel’ may lose the fluency and the mercurial slipstreaming of the original their rephrasing of the Lilys’ ‘Claire hates me’ more than evens the score wrapped as it is Catherine wheeling sprays of pouting purrs of vapour blurring puffs of effervescent euphoria. All said it takes a certain amount of ballsy-ness to even consider let alone actually dare to cover ‘little trouble girl’ – perhaps one of the finest things committed to wax by Sonic Youth, in truth these folk pull off the task with much aplomb retuning the originals sonic dial, in place of its breezy late 60’s rustic hymnal haziness something of a sighing orbital mirror ball emerges into view softly seduced and speckled in lulling starry campfire motifs and the amorphous arrest of radiant swathes of hypno-grooved bliss kisses. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/album/c-us-de-abril-hidden-tracks   

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