Cahn Ingold Prelog

…. Staying with Pulco, well related anyway, seems Recordiau Prin have been sneaking out releases while our backs been turned, the latest of which is a double disc set from the mysterious Cahn Ingold Prelog in the advancing chill that is ‘tolerance’ from off which prepare to be gloomed in the isolationist disquiet of ‘unexpected item in the baggage area’. Seriously, I think these folk have been taking tips from the Aetheric community, for this ice glazed slab of pulsing bleakness has been forming an ever growing black hole where once was our listening space, very disturbing and void like, in truth perfect for those of you well attuned to the ominous hypno-grooves found manifesting the ‘Quatermass’ soundtrack and sadly not the kind of ear ware that you’re ever likely to find cropping up on Desert Island Discs any day soon. .

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