all the merry year round

I promise, we will be back onto this later this week / weekend. Literally just dropped through our letter box, the latest, and from what we’ve heard thus far, the finest gathering of strange sounds from the A Year in the Country folk. Not sure when it’s out for certain, we’ve momentarily lost the accompanying press release, but safe to say that ‘All the Merry Year Round’ will set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons, and have even the most casual fence sitting observer falling off their perch with wowing affection. As ever, this latest research finding, features contributions from all the usual AYitC community – see polypores, time attendant, pulselovers, sproatly smith et al, however, on this very brief visit we must admit an alarming love for the Hare and the Moon’s collaboration with Jo Lepine. ‘I’ll bid my heart be still’ is the formidable bench mark that the rest must seek to match, blessed with a church like serene, both reverent and majestic, a stilled grandeur forms from the spectral touching, a magical occurrence intimately brushed and in tune with the coming dark season, a ghostly ceremonial séance reaching deep through the ages instilling all in enchantment and beautified bewitchment.   

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