dream division

Mentioned these folk in our recent Halloween special whereupon they turned in a superb homage to Mr Carpenter, word has it they are next in line for some polytechnic youth lathe love. Between now and then, there’s the small question of a new EP entitled ‘Mosura’ attracting favourable glances in the listening room. Slipstreaming between tonalities both dark and light, Dream Division appear sveltely equipped in the finite art of the changing of moods at the drop of a hat, culturing a sound that appears outside of a time bounding, that’s to say at once yesterday, now and tomorrow, their craft seamlessly shapeshifts from cold war electronische to a future age AI clubland phrasing. Just a brief dip here, before our free listening credits have had a chance to exhaust. ‘dark force’ silently surveys the kind of solitary sonic spectrums frequented by the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Polypores and the Heartwood Institute, at once brooding and ominous, there’s a bruising noir pulse edgily gouged by a looming undercurrent of nightmarish future visions, quite Frizzi / Goblin in style all said. It’s dark designing seductively housing a fear of futures to come all shaped in a cold austere chassis, ‘don’t run’ inhabits the tech terror fault lines between Numan’s mech tech dystopian nightmare ‘Replicas’ and the cold crystalline assimilation of ‘pleasure principle’, a silvered all-seeing AI symphony. Forced to choose a favourite moment, ‘Sirens’ might well rise to surface high in our affection, this lunar siren, whilst irrefutably informed of the kind of forlorn bruising found oozing across the grooves of Carpenter’s recent ‘Lost Themes II’ collection, there’s a genteel and mercurial artistry at work here whose emotional investment, wide screen poise and sense of fading grandeur hints of nights spent versing itself in the craft of Vangelis. https://dreamdivision.bandcamp.com/album/mosura

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