first of a plethora of Eggs in Aspic releases, let’s hope they send copies this time. This ‘un appears to be sold out of its cassette form on pre-order alone, from Stockholm, this is CB3 (Charlottas Burnin’ Trio) with a set planned for January drop entitled ‘from nothing to eternity’. From that set serving as a hulking herald as to what to expect, the radiant sonic solar flare emerging through the rumbling apocalyptic storm fog that is the title track, a sub thirteen minute monolithic bruiser that finds its sonic settings sat somewhere between the mighty Mugstar and the adored Heads, this is colossal, heavy and dense, a brooding behemoth flavoured in a primordial tapestry ghosted upon a snaking Eastern sent mistral, its desert dry atmospherics poised, majestic and sky fired upon a deeply alluring cinematic skin weaving out at deeply intoxicating brew of stoned out mind altering stratospheric mantras. https://eggsinaspic.bandcamp.com/album/from-nothing-to-eternity

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