all merry year all round

As promised, returning back to that errant A Year in the Country release, which somehow, we managed to mislay. Obviously trying to make a break a freedom, we were going to get beaten by this ‘un. The year end farewell, ‘All the Merry Year Round’ – mentioned in passing once or twice previously – see below, this set features a 12-strong gathering of talents from the twilight. Herewith then the folk who’ve so far escaped our listening gaze, alas brief and teasingly fleeting, Circle / Temple ghost in with the mournfully reflective ‘Rigel Over Flag Fen’ its chimed winter crush sighed with the delicate dusting of snow petals adore it with a magically silent grace. Next up, Cosmic Neighbourhood whose sleepy headed ‘winter light’ we must admit, has had us creeping near the sound system somewhat fixated by its, as were, delightfully dinked dance of yawning diodes, binary alarm clocks calls and wheezing electrical nick nacs. The much admired Polypores emerges with ‘meridian’ – a spectral seafarer quietly prowling through the twilight mists, to an attaching genteel kosmische aura, its purring pulsars and mesmeric murmurs flicker like lighthouse navigational markers in the hazing foggy wilderness. Gloomed in a beautifully ghost like macabre, Sproatly Smith’s ‘moons – pt 1’ both eerie and disquietly enchanting, comes cut from the same outer worldly palette that finds it looming in the shadows somewhere between the Hare and the Moon and Keith Seatman whilst applied with a dark hearted Brit horror enchantment. Which all leaves the Séance to usher these A Year in the Country reports to a year ending hibernation with the arrival of ‘chetwynd haze’ and in so doing, summoning forth secret portals into the kind of alternative parallel worlds more accustomed in the company of Melmoth the Wanderer.

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