schizo fun addict

head over to the Fruits de Mer web site, grab yourself copies of their January releases and you might be able to bag yourself one of these beauties, a rare as hen’s teeth vinyl only edition of Scizo Fun Addict’s ‘the sun yard’ set from 2013 … essential listening but then did you really need me to remind you of that. Anyhow there’s a digital variation here available to freely download for, I guess, a limited period, features ‘dream of the Portugal keeper’ which on its own is worth the entrance fee. The band are currently prepping their next album for release via the  esteemed Sugarbush imprint …. according to the band ‘‘El Shoegaze Bossa Nova’ will as the title subtly hints, be a blending of big swirling storms of reverbed guitars mixed with sunshine vox, and bossa beats. Think Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina duets, Brasil 66 rhythms/percussion backed by an early Slowdive and “The Waves” era Tamaryn meets Darklands era JAMC guitar vibe with Chet Baker on trumpet and some vintage eletronica thrown in the mix.”

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