odds … and bobs …..

Sorry about this, but you can expect a fair few of these little interruptions over the course of the month as we try to clear, or at least give a heads up to a few outings we missed last year. So, a few little nuggets intended for our last ‘look what we sneaked…..’ hurrah that tickled our fancy over the last twelve months …..

…. first up…..

….  Zebra with some lulling stratospheric dream pop in the shape of ‘tropical’ –  very ‘let’s go to bed’ era Cure-esque if you ask me

… some demurring flutterby loveliness from Evvol with a little something sneaked out earlier last year entitled ‘comfort fit’ …..

… might take a little while to kick in and hook but this is the superb mat being pulled from beneath your feet shapeshifting ‘information thaw’ from Romjbor Klanglabor via the Jipangu imprint …..

…. Some achingly frail and fragile lovelorn dream pop from the immaculate Floor Cry …..

…. some Christmas second helpings with the buzzsawed power popped hurter ‘Christmas by the phone’ from Good Charlotte …..

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