As to that track we mentioned running in tandem in our cluttered headspace, a teaser morsel from a forthcoming set by µ-Ziq entitled ‘challenge me foolish’, this be ‘inclement’. Safe to say this has been causing quite a stir in our world of late, delightfully kooky in a playfully 70’s vibed kookiness which all said wouldn’t look to out of place parading its wares on the ghost box imprint. Yet shuffle up a little closer and amid the bucolic seasoning and nostalgic serenades not to mention the trip beat glitch goofiness, there’s a strangely affecting nod to classic era Orbital, Plaid and Aphex loitering in the shadowy playground all possessed of an indelibly smoked late 90’s Birmingham accent a la Magnetaphone, Avrocar et al….. https://mikeparadinas.bandcamp.com/track/inclement

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