daily medications … 4th cycle …

Daily Medications …… 4th cycle …..

‘music meditations from the wilderness’ ….

…. may contain …. grumbles, apologies, cancer and music …..

editorial excuses and stone throwing corner …

leaving blank as i’ve nowt to say, blame the sun, the tennis and the cricket, oh and sleep …

Opening this particular missive with something of an ear pinching hip hugging dandy, this be the Soft Walls (in essence, one Dan Reeves) who hails from Brighton and has, it seems, been on something of an extended break following the juggling demands of heading up the Faux Discx imprint and being the Cold Pumas guitarist, I guess something had to give. returning now, fired up and with the bit between his teeth, ‘not as bad as it seems’ arrives in a limited cassette pressing – just 100 copies, Soft Walls’ third album no less though this time, this one was forged in a gruelling determination, pulling hard seemingly against the odds to see it through, ‘part self-critique, part self-help’ as its author admits in the liner notes. Well we’ve ordered our copy and suggest you do to not least for the fact that it features the attention grabbing ‘every target can afford to wait’, an up close and personal scuzzing lo-fi paint bomb aligned in friction and scowled with a defiance whose agit gouged urgency is peppered in the stricken stutter spray of primo pop cooled new wave echoes. https://soundcloud.com/thesoftwalls/every-target-can-afford-to-wait-1

Something a little special we tripped over whilst rooting around the sound cloud site, this is VHS Dealership with ‘Mr Bones’, a track culled from their EP ‘the Blue Devil’ which has all the scratchy vintage as to suggest it be a lost and dusty shellac press recently discovered in an attic clearance. Amid its crackles and wheezing, a wonderful wayward wiliness emerges whose crooked off metered country croon is possessed of the imagined hallmarks you’d expect present at a late night assembling of Clinic, Palace Brothers and 10 Benson types. Sadly though, the links to EP in the liner notes don’t appear to work, damn. https://soundcloud.com/user-831706084/vhs-dealership-the-blue-devil

Now I’m certain to the point that I’d wager all my worldly goods in saying we’ve been somewhat bruised and left hollowed and hurting by the passing timid tracings of ojeRum in recent years. The alter ego of one Paw Grabowski, ‘forgotten works’ is an expansive and extensive double cassette collection through Vaknar (80 copies only) gathering together a selection of rarities, early impressions and lost souls from the vaults from off which, currently wooing us and holding our emotions to ransom is ‘untitled’. best experienced beneath the safe sanctuary of a lights lowered environ, ‘untitled’ stirs with a forlorn fragile, its classicist glacial grace speared with reflective poise to softly turn in a heart-breaking state of yearn and ache all the time dispatching heart heavy siren calls from out of the ethereal mists. Utterly touching. https://soundcloud.com/vaagner/vak-14-ojerum-untitled-1

Don’t even think about asking where the hell we come across from, still a mystery to us though we have the advantage of blaming chemo brain for that. The flip side of a limited cassette emerging out of the Putrescent Tapes label, this be BP – seriously don’t ask, we have no info either, anyway the release goes by the name ‘grand lodge of manitoba’ and this is, as advertised, the b-side cut ‘he is in possession of a secret handshake’. Not quite the harsh noise oblivion that sonically shreds the likes of works by Sissy Spacek and Tayside Mental Health but certainly something populating a near passing pool, controlled environment crude electronic squalls and sand blasting sonic blisters are the order of the day here, your neighbours will hate it, the pets will seek safe sanctuary from out of ear shot and birds will fall from skies, intense, hostile and just a tad harrowed with an edgy futile, now try dancing to that at the local Darby and Joan. https://soundcloud.com/bretparenteau/he-is-in-possession-of-a-secret-handshake

Apparently sold out at source. You might recall us mentioning in passing earlier in the week, that there was a limited collaborative through black sweat pairing together the considerable talents of both Sarah Davachi and Ariel Kalma. Titled ‘intemporal’ it finds the pair in harmony crafting out beautifully teased serene sonic sirens to nature, deeply spiritual at times, touched with a calming transcendental kiss at others, the blending of kosmische fluencies, ghost folk mosaics, Eastern mantras and tripping ambient accents all serve to adore it with a mystical finery thought lost to the ages, it’s something best evidenced here with the appearance of the simply divine celestial ‘Harmonium Odyssey’ – a desert dry drifter replete with ancient Tibetan charms, an ageless portal as were to a more simple and less commercially reliant connection to life, existence and the great beyond.https://blacksweat.bandcamp.com/album/intemporel

**** always read the label and apply the correct dosage, in the event of adverse side effects, repeat dosage by increasing the volume, lack of taste is purely your fault *****

… converse, contact, touch ….

12 Stewart Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JD




End Credits ….

….. the much-missed Frank Sidebottom, this particular coming from an NME compilation ‘Sgt Pepper knew my father’ from back in ‘88 featuring covers by Sonic Youth, the Triffids, the Fall and more ……..

Same time tomorrow ……



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