tujuh kuda

In our self -imposed absence, we’ve been more than cheered by the frequent appearance of releases from the Dark Outside imprint, if memory recalls there was a superbly imagined score for ‘1984’ -at least I think it was ‘1984’ as right this minute I can’t lay my hands upon the blighter, worse still I can’t remember who did it and neither can I recall the name of the sub label its was issued through. The joys of chemo fog and ineptness, they make a splendid coupling. More startling still, prior to this TDO release, a set from the very wonderful Drew Mulholland with ‘the Wicker Tapes’ – a little write up of which we might try and sneak on here in a few days – though no promises. So that’s two appearances from Drew this year if you count the ‘Delia collaboration’ for Buried Treasure, hell’s teeth that’s more releases than he’s put out in the last 5 years. This time of asking and serviced with a 50 only cassette pressing, Tujuh Kuda take to the centre spot with a 60-minute entitled ‘lotek’ from off which the label have sneakily posted a 5-minute excerpt sequence. This ghost folk slice of dream-tronica is wonderfully pressed in a myriad of light and dark shading all spared through by the glooming weaves of Oriental mystics and a sparsely toned shadow walking chilling, its disquieting aura enhanced by degrees to the imparting of a sense of closing claustrophobia with its seasoned macabre filleting. Not one for alone listening.

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