sabotage records …..

okay, I’ll happily admit that we hooked upon this rock n’ rawk nugget because it had us firmly back in a younger day pouring fondly over our stash of a Secret released Chron Gen goodies. this be Nervous Assistant with the track ‘Zombie Night’, a little something lifted from their recently released ‘Bitter Pills’ full length for German based label Sabotage records. a brief two minute blast of incendiary punk hijinks that aside catching our ear, manages to finitely swerve the usual hostile chaotic that’s breached the punk partying of late, instead opting for a more straight up direct up close and personal and down your throat pogo toking path which at times, considering our ears do not deceive has the vague strains of a pop melodic more becoming of a very youthful striking out Senseless Things.

staying with Sabotage records for trio Better off Dead, from an EP released earlier in the year titled ‘sans issues’ this be the title track and parting cut of the this brazen 100 mph four track set. best of the quartet by some distance, now this has some giddy up I don’t mind saying, studded and tattooed with a raw three chord scything riff and loveably sugared with a searing in your face brittle beneath whose rampaging gusto a fearsome pop rocket is acutely itching to wrestle itself from its moorings. now tell me what’s not to like?

rounding up this briefly unexpected visit to the Sabotage sound house, latest to their release roster, an imminent full length by No Sugar entitled ‘rock n’ roll ain’t boring it’s you’ from off which opening salvo ‘times up’ has been sent ahead on teaser duty. in another time and place, this might have graced the esteemed catalogues of the mighty Estrus and Sympathy for the Record Industry given its 50’s fashioning and growling 60’s garage pop gouging. cut with a becoming scuzzy twang tweaked vintage, there’s more than enough of a swagger, swerve and coolly prickling pop verve here to interest those souls digging the more dayglo aspects of the Damaged Goods imprint.

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